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When you have returned

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Once you have returned to Sweden from your studies abroad, the matters of grading, credit transfers and filling in a student report awaits you. You can also continue to enjoy the international atmosphere by becoming a mentor for international students coming to Lund.

Beautiful New Zealand scenery during an exchange at the University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury, New Zealand exchange

Transcript from the host university and credit transfer

Upon completion of your studies, your transcript (grades) will be sent to your coordinator at Lund University. This often takes 1–5 months after you have completed your studies at the host university. Your coordinator will contact you when it has arrived. Some universities do not send a paper version but choose to send a digital version instead. Do not forget to immediately give your faculty access to the transcript if this is the case, so the credits from your exchange studies can be transferred to Ladok. Credit transfer is processed by the study advisor/programme director or the faculty’s international office. As soon as the credit transfer is complete and entered in Ladok, CSN can access the information.  

Fill in a student report

Your experiences abroad are valuable to both other outgoing students and to coordinators and contract managers at Lund University. After returning home, you will need to fill in a student report. You will receive reminders about this via email.

Become an international mentor

Do you miss the international atmosphere? Get involved as an international mentor here in Sweden and help newly arrived international students in Lund to settle in.

Read more about becoming an international mentor


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