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New Ladok spring 2018

During the spring semester of 2018, a new version of the study administration system Ladok will be launched. Here you can read what this will mean for you as a student.

Ladok will be closed between 21 March at 17:00 and 9 April

As of 21 March at 17:00, and until 9 April, the study administration system, Ladok, will be closed to both students and staff at Lund University. During this period, you will not be able to enter or retrieve any information from Ladok.

In practice, it means that you will not be able to: 

•    view your results
•    request or print out a Ladok certificate
•    have any results reported in Ladok
•    register for exams
•    register yourself, or be registered by someone else, for a course
•    request a degree certificate

Remember that the issuing of certain certificates or requests for degree certificates, for example, may take some time to process. Therefore, if you need something done before 21 March, be sure to make such requests in good time.

Lund University is currently preparing for the temporary shutdown of Ladok. Our goal is to make sure that it will affect you as a student as little as possible. We will return with more information as we proceed. 

FAQs about the Ladok shutdown

I have an exam just before the Ladok shutdown, when will I receive my results?
During the temporary shutdown, no results will be entered into Ladok. Once Ladok reopens, the results will be entered as usual. Unfortunately, we are not able to give you an exact date when the results will be registered, but our administrative staff will prioritise the entering of results and registrations in Ladok as soon as it reopens.

I was planning on requesting a degree certificate soon, what do I do?
Submit your request as usual via the Student Portal, but remember that the processing times are currently long (up to three months) so to avoid any delay, we recommend that you do it as soon as possible. During the Ladok shutdown, you will not be able to make such requests, but will have to wait until Ladok has reopened. 

Will I be able to print a Ladok certificate myself through the Student Portal during the shutdown?
Unfortunately, you will not, nor will your department.

I will be needing a Ladok certificate during the period when Ladok is closed, what do I do?
It will not be possible to print any certificates during the Ladok shutdown. If you need a certificate during this period, make sure you have it before Ladok closes. If you need a special certificate, we recommend that you submit your request as far in advance as you can. 

Why will Ladok be closed?
Our current Ladok will be replaced by a new version of the system which will be implemented during the shutdown period. This transition involves verifying data and performing different tests and quality assurance procedures before the new system can be put into operation. 

The information will be updated continuously and may be revised. Please check regularly, so that you don’t miss any important information.

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