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Summer schools and research conferences for doctoral students

The U21 and LERU networks arrange summer schools and conferences for doctoral students. Current Lund University doctoral candidates (PhD students) apply through Lund University, which nominates a restricted number of candidates. Accepted students will be partially sponsored by Lund University, please see the PDF's below for details.

LERU Doctoral Summer School 2017

Announcement of LERU Doctoral Summer School 2017

Date: 10–14 July 2017
Theme: Citizen Science – nexus between research and public engagement
Venue: University of Zurich

Read the full announement on the research services blog

Theme – Data Stewardship for Discovery and Innovation 

Citizen science – the involvement of non-professional scientists in research – is generating broad attention across and beyond the scientific community. Activities range from small-scale local projects, largely with layperson participation, to large-scale international projects, which may involve professional scientists and research institutions. Citizen science brings legal, ethical, commercial and privacy issues. The LERU Summer School addresses these and other related issues concerning citizen science and deals with the resulting implications for research and science in general.


  • Doctoral candidates will gain a better understanding of citizen science including opportunities and challenges and knowledge about what ethical, legal and commercial aspects are to be considered when engaging in citizen science projects
  • Doctoral candidates will gain knowledge about what skills are useful to manage a citizen science project

How to apply

Information about application, selection criteria and conditions on the Lund University research services blog

Applications with reference number STUD 2017/646 are to be sent by e-mail to registrator [at] lu [dot] se

More information and contact

Contact person at Lund University:
Cecilia Gagné, Cecilia [dot] Gagne [at] fs [dot] lu [dot] se

Organisers at University of Zurich:
Dr. Claudine Leysinger, General Manager
Dr. Birte Lembke-Ibold, Events and Communication
Eric Alms, MA, Transferable Skills Courses

Learn more on the LERU website: 

U21 summer activities for doctoral students

No activities planned for summer 2017.

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