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Getting help, making a complaint

Lund University is committed to providing a safe and fair study environment for all students in line with the University’s core values and student rights. All complaints are treated seriously and the University will attempt to resolve them as quickly as possible. Depending on the issue or concern, you can contact several different people.

General questions and concerns

For general questions and concerns, students can contact:

studentreception [at] lu [dot] se

Alternatively, you can visit the International Desk (located in the building on Stora Algatan 4) and speak with someone in person.

International Desk visiting hours

Complaints about studies or discrimination

The head of your programme or department

For help or complaints about issurs relating to your studies or discrimination, the first thing you should do is try and resolve the problem directly with the person/people concerned. If this is not possible, you should contact your programme/course coordinator or the head of the department to discuss the issue or complaint.

The student unions

If the problem or complaint lies with your programme/course coordinator or head of department, or if you do not feel comfortable approaching either of those people, you should then contact the student union for your relevant faculty. In Sweden, the role of the student unions is to ensure your interests are represented at the University and they can raise any issues you may have with the University. They can help deal mainly with issues ralating to your studies or learning environment.

Find and contact the student unions

The student ombudsman

The student unions also have a collective organisation called “Lunds Universitets Studentkår” (the Lund University Student Unions Association). Here they have a student ombudsman whom you can contact. The student ombudsman helps to ensure the University is fulfilling its legal obligation to see that Lund University’s students receive an education free from discrimination or unfair treatment. The student ombudsman will give advice and information on how to make your complaint or how to proceed based on your problem. You can find information on the recommended procedure to follow before meeting the student ombudsman on the student ombudsman's webpages or simply make direct contact with the ombudsman.

Instructions and contact details on the student ombudsman's website

LUS (the umbrella organisation for the University's student unions) website

Student health and safety representatives

You can contact your student health and safety representative to ask questions or report problems in your work environment. The student health and safety representative has no responsibility for the work environment, but they are to monitor working conditions in order to help establish a good study environment, participate in health and safety inspections, assess how changes affect the student work environment, and keep up to date with work environment legislation.

What help student health and safety representatives can provide

Swedish Higher Education Authority

If you are not satisfied with the help provided through the above channels within the University or through the student unions and your complaint remains unresolved, you may then contact the Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet).

Contact details on the Swedish Higher Education Authority website

Making a complaint about higher education institutions in Sweden – information on the Swedish Higher Education Authority website 

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