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ICM for incoming students

Through funding from the EU programme Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility, students (BA, MA and PhD) studying at one of Lund University’s partner universities outside of Europe, have the opportunity to study at Lund University to gain international experience and qualifications, and to develop new contacts. Speak with the international coordinator at your home university to find out more about upcoming study opportunities.

Conditions for Erasmus+ ICM students

To be eligible for an Erasmus+ ICM grant, the following conditions apply:

  • You must not have not been on an Erasmus exchange for more than a total of 12 months per study cycle (Bachelor’s, Master’s and research studies are counted separately), including the time period applied for in this application.
  • You must have studied at your home university (full time) for at least one year by your date of departure.
  • You must have been nominated for Erasmus+ ICM exchange studies through your home university.
  • You must have been admitted to a course at your Lund University (admission decision)
  • You must be eligible for a credit transfer upon returning to your home university (as stated in the Learning Agreement).
  • Your exchange studies are to extend for at least three and no more than twelve months. If your period of study changes so that it is less than three months, the grant must be repaid.
  • You may not accept another grant or other funding from EU bodies/the Swedish Council during the exchange period.
  • You must live in the host country during the study period.
  • You must sign the Grant Agreement before the start of your mobility and submit it to the ICM Mobility Coordinator.
  • A Learning Agreement needs to be in place before the start of the mobility. It needs to be signed by the student, the home university and by Lund University.
  • You have to fill in the online student evaluation sent to you from the Erasmus+ Mobility Tool before completing your mobility
  • You must submit the Confirmation of Study Period form to the ICM Mobility Coordinator at External Relations, Lund University at the end of your exchange. The form must be signed by your Lund University.
  • You must notify your international coordinator and the ICM Mobility Coordinator at External Relations of any changes that affect your ICM period.
  • The mobility period refers to the period of time which is spent at Lund University, in order to participate in activities which are recognised as part of the mobility. Distance learning is not accepted.

If you accept an ICM grant without fulfilling the conditions above, you will be obliged to return it.

How to apply

Once you have been selected for an ICM study place through your home university you will receive a nomination email containing specific instructions on how to apply for an ICM grant, an ICM guide for incoming grantees as well as all necessary documents. The enclosed documents will then need to be filled in correctly, signed and immediately to the ICM Mobility Coordinator (icm [at] er [dot] lu [dot] se, scanned copies via email are preferred). The documents must be submitted at least two month before the start of the mobility.

Bachelor’s and Master’s students will also receive an email with instructions on how to apply for courses using an online application. Please note that ICM students might not be eligible to apply for all offered exchange courses at Lund University. The range of courses available to the student will depend on the specific inter-institutional agreement between the home university and Lund University as well as the academic qualifications of the applicant.

PhD students must contact the host department at Lund University to agree on the dates of the visit. The start date is the first day when you need to be present at Lund University for academic reasons (e.g. first day of the course, introduction week). The end date is the last day when you need to be present at Lund University for academic reasons (e.g. last day of the course or final exam). Distance learning is not accepted.

The Erasmus+ ICM grant

The ICM grant consists of two parts: A subsistence allowance and a travel grant. In general, the ICM grant is considered as a contribution to cover the additional costs of your stay abroad and might not cover all the costs.

All grantees at Lund University will receive their payments through an ICA prepaid card, which they will receive upon arrival together with a pin code and a password. The ICA prepaid card can be used to pay for goods and services at all stores that accept Maestro cards and can also be used to make withdrawals from ATMs that display the Maestro symbol. The card cannot be used to pay bills or for online purchases.

The subsistence allowance amounts to EUR 850 per month and EUR 28.33 per extra day. An additional EUR 20 per month and EUR 0.66 per extra day will be paid to the grantees staying longer than three months to meet the minimum requirements of the Swedish Migration Board for obtaining a residence permit for full-time studies.

70% of the travel grant and the subsistence allowance will be paid to the grantee upon arrival. (For mobilities shorter than 4 months, the grant will be paid in full upon arrival.) The remaining 30% will be paid before the end of the mobility under the condition that all mandatory documents have been submitted in time. If you fail to do so you will be obliged to return the grant.

The subsistence allowance is calculated based on the number of months/days spent at Lund University. The start date corresponds to the start of academic activities at Lund University and the end date is the last day of official academic activities at Lund University. Travel days and time spent before or after academic activities, as well as interruptions of the mobility, will not be covered. More details about the grant can be found in the Grant Agreement.

Travel distances and travel grants

The ICM travel grant is a contribution to travel and visa costs in connection with the grantees mobility, but might not fully cover all costs. The grant is calculated based on the distance between the grantee’s home university and Lund University. Tickets must be purchased by the grantees themselves.

Between 100 and 499 km - EUR 180

Between 500 and 1999 km - EUR 275

Between 2000 and 2999 km - EUR 360

Between 3000 and 3999 km - EUR 530

Between 4000 and 7999 km - EUR 820

8000 km or more - EUR 1100

Use the European Commission's Distance Calculato to figure out the distance

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