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Live at Lundagård

Culture Week Spring, 8-14 May 2017

Man playing guitar at concert

During this first culture week, there will be opportunities to let yourself be seduced by the pleasant music, listen to the tunes of brass band or rock, visit the Malmö Art Academy, go to a cabaret, or to meet the initiator of Lund University. Bring the children to an exciting exploration day in Lundagård!

Events and activities during the culture week

Malmö Art Academy’s Annual Exhibition

Date: 11-21 May I Place: Malmö Academy of Art, Malmö

The Malmö Art Academy invites you to its annual exhibition of contemporary art created by its 74 students. The exhibition takes up more than 4 000 square metres, and is often referred to as the art event of the year. behold the works of the world’s newest artistic talents who specialise in different areas.

More information (to be published)

A Taste of Spring a Cappella

Date: 11 May I Place: Main University builing auditorium, Lund
Choirs from the Malmö Academy of Music invite you to the beautiful auditorium in the main Univer­ sity building where we will offer a musical bouquet of the sounds of spring. Come and hear exquisite song a cappella.

More information (to be published)

Pop Academy

Date: 12 May I Place: Stora salen, AF-borgen, Lund
The main hall of the Academic Society building has always been the venue for many major interna­ tional artists, and concerts are a regular feature. now it’s time for another, when students from the Malmö Academy of Music give a rock consert! 

More information (to be published)

Children's Exploration Day

Date: 13 May I Place: Krafts torg, Lund
Explore Lundagård, learn more about dinosaurs, conduct your own archaeological dig, see if you can find any hidden treasures inside the Cathedral, watch a biology show, and see for yourself how 3D printers really work. Ask your mum and dad to join. 

More information in the events calendar (at

Newly Composed Music

Date: 14 May I Place: Skissernas Museum, Lund
We would like to welcome you to the newly restored Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art for a musical experience with newly composed music. Come admire the new prem­ ises while enjoying some modern music performed by students from the Malmö Academy of Music.

More information (to be published)

Concert with the Lund University Brass Band

Date: 14 May I Place: Skissernas Museum, Lund
Soft tunes, powerful wind instruments and great rhythms – let yourself get carried away and enjoy the music by Lund University’s own brass band. 

More information (to be published)

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