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Global Issues Programme

The GIP is the programme for you if you are interested in global issues and want to study online in an international environment. You can also combine the GIP with an exchange to one of the GIP universities.

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  • Courses in globalisation at highly regarded universities
  • A flexible exchange programme that can be taken over several semesters
  • Results in a "Global Issues Programme Certificate"

The Global Issues Programme (GIP) is an interdisciplinary exchange programme that focuses on different aspects of globalisation. The programme is a collaboration within the Universitas 21 university network.

Learn more about the GIP on the Universitas 21 website

The following universities are part of the GIP:


As a GIP student you can choose from around 70 courses, all with a focus on globalisation. There are courses taught both online and on campus at the various universities. All students study four courses of 7.5 credits each. At least two of the courses should be online courses and one should be a ‘core course’. All the courses can be studied in one semester, but most students choose to spread their studies over several semesters. On completion of the programme you will receive a Global Issues Programme Certificate, which shows that you have studied on the GIP.

Applications to the courses within the programme are made once you have been admitted to the programme.

View GIP courses on the Universitas 21 website


As a result of an extensive review of the Global Issues Programme (GIP), we have decided to restructure the programme to better meet our students’ needs in a context in which virtual mobility is becoming increasingly important. During this development phase, we will not be accepting any new applications to the programme. Students who are already registered for the GIP will be able to continue and complete their studies as planned with all relevant support in place. We look forward to introducing the revised GIP programme soon and accepting new applications in the coming future.


To be eligible for the GIP, you must have studied at a higher education institution for one year when you begin the programme and you must be registered as a student at Lund University. There may be additional specific admission requirements for individual courses within the programme.

Credit transfer

It is up to individual departments to make decisions on credit transfer and it is important that you check with your department if/how you can receive credit for studies within the GIP. The four courses correspond to a total of 30 higher education credits (i.e. one semester of full-time study).

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