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Start a business or project

At Lund University there are thousands of students with new and exciting ideas. Have you heard of Fitness 24/7, the invisible bicycle helmet Hövding or Get Raw snack bars? These are all examples of students’ ideas, generated at Lund University.

Students doing group work together, post-its spread out on the table

The University has an extensive support system for you, who wish to start a business or project. The support system provides guidance, education, networking opportunities, office space and more.

Do you have a business idea?

VentureLab is intended for Lund University students or recent graduates with business ideas. It doesn’t matter what you study or how far you have come in your studies; neither does it matter what your idea is, be it a new service, product or social innovation.

Since the start in 2001, VentureLab has helped hundreds of student businesses from idea to reality by offering

  • free and confidential guidance,
  • inspirational lectures, events and workshops
  • free office space for student businesses for up to a year.


Entrepreneurship education

The Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship is located at Lund University, offering action based courses and programmes about, in, or for Entrepreneurship.

The centre provides a wide range of courses for students from all fields of study. The courses are in Swedish or English and you can study them as part of a study programme or as freestanding courses.

Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship and the courses they offer

Apply your studies in practice

The Lund University Student Innovation Centre is for those of you who want to broaden your knowledge and apply it in practice. The centre works with other organisations and businesses to find exciting collaborations where students can use their creativity to solve problems.

Student Innovation Centre

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Contact VentureLab to get help navigating through the University's support system for student entrepreneurs.

At VentureLab you can book a personal meeting to discuss your ideas or three times per year apply for free office space.